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 My app app my app

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PostSubject: My app app my app   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:20 pm

Hey Guys,

Username: apfel
Warsow Username: apfel
Country: Germany ofc.
Age: 15
Xfire (If applicable): jesus913
Previous/Current clans: sG (the old), aw2p
Why I'M?:

Well this may be a long text. First i got to say that I wanted to join I'M since I started Warsow and I always asked the Members why they shoot against Walls and how i fly Very Happy You guys only muted it for me, but its okay. I am not the apfel who left you. It's a reallife friend and he said that I can use this nick. So please don't flame. I'M is an awesome clan. The Members are intellectual high skilled, friendly, helpful and have a great heart Smile You're also available for some Jokes, either i thought u'd be the clan wich takes warsow that serious, u'd die for it, but procentually its untrue. I played some public games with Taker, Unk, Skeng or Soulblight. These all were always friendly & nice to me. This is the Main Reason for me to join a clan like this.

Why should we take you?:

Yeah.. I know what you think now, that I am a bit young. But in opposite to other 15 Years my English Knowledge isn't that bad and my Behaviour is also not as bad as this of other in my Age. If i am skilled enough? I do not know. We played some fw's against you and it were always like 21:20 for you (: I don't whine in public chats, if i got some physical Problem with my current opponents. Maybe i swear a bit in teamchat, but who doesn't^^ But guys, i have to say: I got a life! If i'd get a heartbreaking fucking "NO" from you, i won't leave the right path and will train and train and train and train and train and train until i get rid of Warsow or you get rid of me. Also i wish that you say here if you got some Problem with me, or with my behaviour. I am open and ready for all statements I get. Sometimes even happy about them

My Sensivity is at 3.0. I use Oldmovement and I am a damn camper on public Wink In war it depends..

I got to say, I am really active and have around 42 hours warsow in a week (Not That much, but i declare it as active).
I am no Troll, not even if i'm drunk.

I am ready to duel with you, fw with you, to do all you guys want Smile Ask questions i form an answer. What you guys want^^
Many of you saw me often at Public or not?

Mby there is not an perfect mented image of me, but if you are a real IM, it has to be repairable or not? Let me fuck ur mind up

I hope i got some kind of chance Smile

Ty All nice guys Here ;*

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PostSubject: Re: My app app my app   Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:20 am

Sorry, its a no.

You're too young, and you're not good enough (seen you play a few times, and didnt impress me there).
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My app app my app
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