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PostSubject: notanapplication   Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:15 pm

Lol, wtf was this?
This is legend from the [*]
Thaught I'd post it here, since he is talking about Born and whatnot.
Beware of this fool.

legend1697: shaft?
legend1697: DudE,
shaftman86: yes?
legend1697: Ok so
shaftman86: ?
shaftman86: what?
legend1697: u wanna ur own server in wsw + 12 op please?
shaftman86: what?
shaftman86: if I want 12 op's?
legend1697: Yeap yesterday Born4Porn gave it to me the op of I'M public
legend1697: and Conray of ic insta cide
legend1697: K2R
legend1697: X0R
legend1697: a.P and Dynamite
shaftman86: you dont know the IM op?
legend1697: I know it
legend1697: since 1day
shaftman86: I know it 2
legend1697: -_-
legend1697: Who gave it to u?
shaftman86: tell me, let me see if you really know it
shaftman86: Jodel
legend1697: héhé
legend1697: u wanna it ^^
shaftman86: I know it, I wanna see if you know it
legend1697: Me i know it since 1 day u,u don't know it Razz
shaftman86: tell me the 3rd last letter in the IM op
legend1697: ._.
legend1697: Uh
shaftman86: I really know it
shaftman86: I had the op for many many weeks
shaftman86: ask around
legend1697: Look dude
shaftman86: If you know the Im op, tell me the 3rd last letter
legend1697: it's for creat a forum for my grand father cuz it's his birthday and he have 90 years old but for creat it i need to live in europe and enter a valid phone number in europe
shaftman86: What the fuck do you want from me?
legend1697: Phone number Razz for believe me
legend1697: first
shaftman86: Suck my dick
legend1697: i give u the op of my server
legend1697: Fuck :'D
legend1697: Faker Smile
legend1697: and u say u know the op of the i'm server
legend1697: SurE Very Happy
shaftman86: ask jodel,
legend1697: Go Suck Dick x)
legend1697: Bob
legend1697: Cya
shaftman86: you want me to give you personal info over xfire? I think not
<Lang ventetid er oppdaget mellom deg og serveren. Det kan hende at de siste meldingene ikke er mottatt.>
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PostSubject: Re: notanapplication   Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:24 pm

scruffy little cunt i hate his guts and i hope his grandfather drops dead.

he talked to overactive from ORDER and blagged some bullshit story that he had op and 12 other op's to give overactive, if he gave a phone number for some forum that was based in the EU clown

then he tried getting over to send him 20£ through an sms or some shit lol, needless to say he got laughed at and send the NEIN NEIN youtube video then ragequit

ip ban this wierd little freak i say he isnt even too sure where he lives himself, ask him lol!
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PostSubject: Re: notanapplication   Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:19 am

Haha, this dumbass tried to get TeA public op password from me. I cant just stop laughing at him. Bwhahahhah Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: notanapplication   Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:55 pm

closed dontwanna see shit like this in application threat. just give a shit on fags like him.
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PostSubject: Re: notanapplication   

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